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Dick Streeter
Dick has been struggling to play various
instruments for many years, mostly bass,
and occasionally whistle, guitar, concertina and spoons. He joined Okee Dokee when
John suggested forming a band for Broadstairs Folk Week – "Not knowing at
the time who was in the band or what we would be playing, they still booked us!"
Dick calls and plays bass for Bonabrill
Barndance Band and has a long
association with Horsham Folk Club and
Broadwood Morris Men. Dick’s influences
include Captain Beefheart, Ivor Cutler,
Bonzo Dog Band, Richard Thompson, and
Shirley Bassey.
Dick Streeter - Okee Dokee
Keef attended art school, so anything
he touches is in that English off-the-wall
tradition. The Minister for Wheelie Bins
for The Monster Raving Loony Party, he
is also a founding member of Brett Marvin
and the Thunderbolts and played in Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs (see links page).
He wrote the words to Jona Lewie’s
“Kitchen at Parties” and has penned the
upcoming Lewie release “French Au pair.”
Both songs are performed by Okee Dokee.

Keef says: “don’t forget to Jodrell”
Keef Trouble
Keef Trouble - Okee Dokee
Dave Toye
Dave Toye - Okee Dokee
Singer-songwriter Dave has a long
history within the folk scene, organizing
folk clubs in the 1970s and 80s and
providing songs for folk artists including
Damien Barber, Martyn Wyndham-Read
and Gordon Bok. He started the first folk
club in Horsham and was the MC for the
Horsham Music Festival. He joined Okee Dokee three years ago to provide its
electric guitar and banjo vibe, and his
own self-penned compositions. Dave is
an Angling Times prizewinner, a certified
countryman, and a qualified shooting
instriuctor, with gun skills necessary
to keep in check the wayward outfit
that is Okee Dokee.
In a foolish unguarded moment, Mel agreed
to join Okee Dokee, giving him the excuse
to dust off his sax and wear silly hats.

Mel abandoned rock music for folk whilst
still at school. Dance music has always
been a passion. During the eighties he
played with 'Rosbif', one of the first English
bands specialising in traditional French
dance music, and pioneering the hurdy-
gurdy bagpipe combination. Currently he
also plays with 'The Buzzniks', and  the
Euroceilidh band 'GIG CB!'  who regularly
appear at the Gennetines dance festival in
France, each July (see links page).
Mel Stevens
Mel Stevens - Okee Dokee
Will - Vocals and Cajon stepped in at short notice to help us out at Broadstairs in 2014 and has remained ever since. Long time lead singer and guitarist with "Them Again" rock covers band.
Will Lewis
The Okee Dokee Band
John Dewdney
John sings, and plays accordion, concertina and banjo. He is solvent and footloose and fancy free.
John Dewdney - Okee Dokee
Phil sings, and plays guitar and mandolin.
He is an avid fresh-water angler, and a
boffin who builds minature steam engines.

Phil enjoys Blue Beat, Ska, and Django
Reinhardt. Each year, if he can make it, he
plays at the Django Reinhardt Festival in
Samois-sur-Seine, France. Member of Taylor Maid.
Phil Gravett
Phill Gravett - Okee Dokee